March 18th
10:30 AM

Word Made Flesh

Message by Rev Glenn Moore


Abundant Living In Peace

Gratitude in

Inclusiveness & Integrity

Harmony Fellowship is a Christ based, new thought, metaphysical church. That is, we believe in more than is apparent in the physical world. We believe in the energy of love that is taught by Jesus the Christ. We believe the teachings of the Christ and other master teachers are given to assist in making our lives more practical and fulfilling if we can but recognize the clues that have been provided not only for the ancients but for modern man. We seek to know and live our understanding of the universal truths.



Mar 18 – 10:30 am- Rev Glenn Moore – Word Made Flesh
Mar 25 – 10:30 am –Rev Pat Moore – Master of All Is Servant of All (Potluck)

Musings and Reflections


I have been requested to talk about the adoption story of Rosie.   The picture on the left is one of Rosie in her first day of foster care.  Our son and his husband, as foster parents were called at 11:00 pm about a 15 month old little girl who had been rescued from a drug house.  The CPS brought over Rosie who had on only a diaper which was soaked through as was her car seat.  The car seat from which she had hardly been out of for her entire life.  If you notice her hair is strange, that is from her pulling out her own hair in tufts.     The guys made a $350.00 run to Walgreens for supplies and called their friends with children for clothing and supplies. 

There were many mishaps with birth mom along the way that placed Rosie in harm’s way but CPS always tries to keep families together when possible.  Finally with enough evidence the bio-mom relinquished parental rights and the incarcerated  bio-father had his rights removed. After three years of great expense (high dollar attorney) and constant drama, the adoption took place.  As you can see by the current photo, Rosie is flourishing and on her way to wholeness.

This isn’t just our story, but it is the story of many opportunities lost for throw away children. 

From 4/20/05 Dallas Morning News front page article.  “Austin-The Texas House approved a sweeping overhaul of protective service for children and adults Tuesday, including a last-minute amendment that would ban gays, lesbians and bisexuals from serving as foster parents.” Rep Robert Talton, R-Pasadena, slid in this last minute, tacked on; amendment. Mr. Talton convinced his colleagues that all current and prospective foster parents be required to declare their sexuality indicating that it is a “learned” behavior.  What are his scientific sources?

Where was representative Talton when this result of the learned behavior of abuse resulted in children in America being thrown away at every age from baby to teen?  By the way, this abuse has been proven by scientists as “learned.”

Mr. Talton, and our current lawmakers, it appears, seems to have acquired other proven learned behaviors: Bigotry, ignorance and hatred.  Maybe common sense could be learned? Surely he must not have thought through the practicalities of this directive.  When the foster system is trying to recover children’s lives from the few greedy and abusive foster parents that can slip into the system, why try to take away a secure child from a loving environment, no matter what the orientation, color of skin, or religion? Consider the incredible financial and human cost involved in this governmental nightmare! 

In our philosophy we are all one.  The soul has no gender or color.  We at Harmony Fellowship hold this to be true and we put feet to the ground in helping children, through our tithes Safe Haven and other charities.  This story is a reminder of why we help children.  

SUNDAY MESSAGES are accessible on Harmony’s website: Near the top of the screen in a black bar are titles in White print. Click on Sunday Messages and up they pop. It sometimes takes up to a week to get them posted on the website.

Current Immediate Needs list for SafeHaven is posted on the Bulletin Board in the Lobby. Check it out!

FLOWERS – The 2017 Flower Sign-up sheets are in the lobby. Choose early to get the dates you want to celebrate with flowers.

BOOK STUDY CLASS, led by Cinda Cheney, is reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Class meets 9:30 am on Sundays.

If you would like to have your birthday acknowledged in the Bulletin and in the Newsletter send/give Pat Moore the Month/Day of your Birthday and we’ll include it in our Monthly Birthday Listing.


The Harmony Fellowship’s Children’s Gathering for kids ages 4 through 8, started on September 13 and will continue on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. The Children’s Gathering will be held during the Sunday service on these Potluck Sundays. Targeted for ages 4 through 8 years old, the material is a New Thought program. called the Young Masters Little Wisdom curriculum from Dream A World Education, Each lesson in the curriculum includes a story, songs, a short discussion or round robin activity, and an arts and crafts activity.

All children will start in the Sunday service with their families. At the greeting time, children ages 4 through 8 will be invited to join the Children’s Gathering in the HF library during the remainder of the service. Children will rejoin their families at the end of the offering, just before the blessing. If desired, older family members may accompany a child to the Gathering until the child is comfortable. The Harmony Children’s Gathering will be led by board members Carter Tiernan and Robin Phillips initially and additional teachers will be added to the rotation as they become available.

Please contact Carter Tiernan,, if you have other questions about the Children’s Gathering.

BOOK STUDY CLASS, led by Cinda Cheney, will began a new book Sunday, March 5. Class meets 9:30 am. The Book title: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

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