Board Of Directors

Rev. Glenn Moore – Minister-Spiritual Leader
Rev. Glenn Moore, Minister-Spiritual Leader, has been serving churches and congregations since the 1950’s. He is grateful to the Harmony Fellowship Board of Directors for placing spirituality and integrity as the highest criteria for any discussion that comes up. The intent and purpose of serving the spiritual needs of the membership is always foremost. Spirit is in charge and then the business of the church falls into place.

6-Connie-Anderson-e1425352385399Connie Anderson – President – Outreach

I was born in Washington DC many moons ago and finally ended up in Fort Worth in 1968. I have two children and six grandchildren, all of whom I love spending time with. I worked in the financial industry for 24 years before being medically retired. I came to Harmony Fellowship in 2013 looking for a loving way to worship Spirit and a softer way of living life. I enjoy reading, traveling, live theater and helping people. I want to always pay it forward in thanks to those that have helped me get to where I am today.

Joe Greenslade – Treasurerm3

Joe Greenslade is the Treasurer for Harmony Fellowship. He appreciates simplicity and practicality, thus his love of the Unity principles which he refers to as the “elegant “ belief system (through Harmony Fellowship). Joe is a native of Fort Worth, a graduate of Texas A&M, and a lifelong entrepreneur. He is the proud husband of Lillian, his best friend and award winning cook. He is an active supporter of youth education programs and is a mentor for students in the AVID program at Paschal High School. His favorite saying is from Albert Einstein, “All things should be as simple as possible and no simpler.”

m2Ardis Kvare – Communications Coordinator

Ardis Kvare is Harmony Fellowship’s Communications Coordinator. She feels at home in the sincere, supportive and loving community of Harmony Fellowship and believes in the principles of inclusion, integrity, compassion, peace, harmony and prosperity for all. Ardis grew up in Northern Minnesota, had a 34 year stop-over in Seattle before being transferred to Fort Worth in January 1990. Ardis shares life with the love-of-her-life, Paul, and together they travel, enjoy Symphony, Opera, Theater, Art and dinners with friends. Hobbies are cooking, reading, crossword puzzles.

m5Jodie Payne – Board Member – Facilities

Jodie Payne is an at-large Board Member. Born in Seneca Falls, New York, birthplace of Woman’s Rights – Jodie’s Bachelor of Science degree is in Business Administration. He’s spent his entire adult life working in the hospitality industry, managing member owned, private clubs – and, has served on several church boards. He’s been on YMCA boards, a former avid runner, avid motorcyclist, and, a man of infinite wisdom.

Rebecca Low – Program Development

Rebecca and her partner Jeanne are grateful for this supportive Spiritual Community. It is an amazing group of diverse individuals that are so very open and receptive and giving. Rebecca believes that virtually everyone, in Harmony, joyfully continues to try and out give God with their time, talent and treasure. Rebecca is a farm girl from Tarkio, Missouri, graduated from Iowa State, and had an interior design business for 25 years. 20+ years ago, she got out of the way and Divine Order took her to a welding class and beyond. Rebecca is now an artist/sculptor and gallery owner. She is a member of the Fort Worth Art Dealers and sits on the board of Jubilee Theatre. Rebecca is passionate about, her family (including all of their pets) and friends, the Arts, Fort Worth and Harmony Fellowship.

Sharon-Whitney-resizedSharon Whitney – Program Development

Sharon Whitney is looking forward to serving on the Harmony Fellowship Board. She will be working with Rebecca Low on program development, which includes getting speakers for Sunday services. She is a retired medical social worker. Raised in Forest Park, IL, she and her husband, Garrett, have lived in Ft Worth since 1975, Sharon and Garrett began attending Harmony Fellowship when it was held at Rebecca Low’s gallery. Sharon enjoys exercising at Harris Fitness Center, attending senior classes at TCC, getting together with friends, and traveling with her husband.

David Mc Murray, Board Member

Lived in seven states and Venezuela before moving to Texas as a teen. He is inclusive, loves diversity, learning about different cultures and has traveled in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Korea, Thailand, Nepal and a dream come true, Tibet. After going to Tibet he changed careers. He is a psychotherapist (LPC) who assists people in healing from emotional, physical and sexual trauma and in recovering from addictions. David was trained by Brugh Joy in body-energy fields and has training in several psychotherapeutic modalities. He has 28 years in 12 Step recovery, has written recovery literature and served on an international 12 Step board. He is a chaplain, is ordained by the ULC, and officiates marriages. David sings in the choir and is grateful to Ken Dinkins, Harmony Choir Director, for encouraging David to step out of his comfort zone and perform solos. David loves to sing, especially with his wife, Terri. He loves to travel and spend time at their cabin in the mountains. He believes “the Universal Life Spirit is in all people – waiting to be uniquely expressed by each individual person.” David is grateful to the people of Harmony Fellowship for being a loving, supportive, and inclusive community so that all who attend can have their spiritual needs met and share Spirit with others.

Frankie Andrew  Board Member

I am a retired First Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisers. My work was to give financial and investment advice to my clients.  I have 38 years of experience in the field.  I started with Merrill Lynch, moved to Prudential Securities, which became Wachovia Securities before it was purchased by Wells Fargo.  I kept the same office, only changed business cards.

I was born in Waco, Texas, graduated with a B. A. degree in business from Baylor University, worked my way through school as a reporter for the Waco Tribune Herald.  I was a reporter for the Dallas Morning News,  the Arizona Republic in Phoenix, the Arlington Daily News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the Dallas Business Journal.  I joined Merrill Lynch after writing for the then Dallas-Fort Worth Business Journal.  The name was changed to Dallas Business Journal.

I have 2 grown daughters and one adopted grown daughter (3 in all).  I live on Eagle Mountain Lake, Ft. Worth and have 3 German Shepherds, Ace, Ruby and Portia.  Ace is a registered pet therapy dog.  Ace and I belong to Delta Hearts of Gold, an organization where owners and dogs are registered with Pet Partners.  Ace and I visit Fireside Lodge, a nursing home, several elementary schools, Trimble Tech High School,  Union Gospel Mission and True Worth Place (Presbyterian Night Shelter).  Organizations call DHoG and our representative sends out an email to ask whether any team would be interested.

My interest lies in helping people in any way I can.  I grew up in the Southern Baptists faith with my father as a deacon and my mother, church organist at First Baptist of Golinda, TX. I was a Sunday School teacher.  In Fort Worth, I joined First Methodist and raised by children there.

Tim Hall-Secretary

Native Texan, raised on a dairy farm in Springtown, TX.  After graduating high school joined the United States Navy serving 26 years. After retiring from the Navy, owned and operated businesses. He and his wife Linda have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. They enjoy traveling and visiting friends and family around the country. From the first time he walked into Harmony Fellowship, he felt the Love and energy of a truly wonderful fellowship.  Striving to live up to its vision and principles and desiring to be of service to all.