June 23, 2012


If you find yourself choosing to study any philosophy that expands your thinking then you have chosen a path to enlightenment.  I think the challenge for 2012 is to be fully aware. For Mahatma Gandhi, the ultimate end of nonviolence was an enlightened world.  This is an awesome concept.  What is even more awesome is to think that you and I are ambassadors of this enlightenment.  Every time you put into practice a spiritual concept that has become real in your consciousness, you have become an ambassador of enlightenment to your daily world!


I remember standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Cancun and experiencing the absolute power of the vast sea pounding on the beach and being awe struck.  This same sense of being awestruck is with me when I am aware of how each truth student is rippling out their knowing until the nuggets of wisdom are like pebbles of truth causing a rippling out effect on the surface of the water until joined together. The force is like the great ocean of enlightenment pounding the shores.


Living our truth in 2012 is vital.   Decades ago I heard this remark, “Nobody gets out ‘till we all get out.”    I sense that we as humans on this earth have reached the breakthrough point.  I sense that race consciousness is now at that vital mass of the Divine Plan where enlightenment is possible and we have been blessed to be part of that Divine Purpose.  In 2012 the simple challenge is to be fully aware and live your truth.

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