Documentary – “I See World Peace” – Rev. Glenn Moore interviewed and produced by Bret McCormick and Joseph Morgan
Rev. Glenn Moore

Seminary trained, Rev. Glenn Moore became an ordained minister for a traditional faith at an early age. After serving as minister he changed careers and became a successful builder. In his search for a spiritual path that felt right, he found Unity and other “new thought” churches. During his intense studies he began speaking in various churches. During this time he served as spiritual leader for three Unity churches.He has also been asked to speak in secular venues. He brings encouragement and enlightenment spiked with a down to earth humor. He is now retired from Unity of Greater Waco. (Glenn’s construction experience was also bought into play during his service there. The 105 year old Victorian church was enhanced by Glenn and his crew with gardens, terraces, fish pond and waterfall, and much remodeling and expansion.) Glenn is a frequent guest speaker, preferring to focus on prosperity messages and seminars.

Rev. Patricia Moore

Rev. Patricia Moore has been a student of new thought in this lifetime for more than 50 years. She has focused on healing studies and the workings of energy for inspiration for the last two decades. She is a published writer for secular venues and has published inspirational newsletters. She has given workshops on healing and on the Chakra system. In addition she assists her husband, Rev. Glenn Moore in teaching prosperity.

Scott McDowell
Rev-Scott-sidebarAssociate Spiritual Leader