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Pat and Glenn Moore are the co-ministers of Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth. They are highly experienced, deeply loving, and compassionate congregation leaders.

Rev. Glenn Moore

Rev. Glenn Moore

The messages that concern God’s abundance and prosperity in general are my favorite topics.   I love Harmony Fellowship because of the intense spiritual commitment of the people and the joy and love that they share as a Spiritual Family.

I attended Howard Payne University, Carson Newman University, and finished my undergraduate degree at Texas Wesleyan University.  I attended college on scholarships from the Southern Baptist Convention and my home church, Linwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.  I was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1956.

I served as a Baptist minister in Tennessee and Texas from 1956 through the early 1980’s.  When continuing my religious studies at the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in the 1980’s I realized that no longer felt comfortable with such a conservative philosophy of religion.

I soon discovered the Unity Church with its foundational principles of the goodness and love of GOD and their availability to all individual.  I immediately grasped the emphasis the greater importance of demonstrating GOD’s love than simply being a purveyor of dogmatic beliefs.  I was ordained as a Unity Minister by the Federation of Independent Unity Ministers in 1999.

In have had the joy of being the minister at the Unity Church of Irving, the Unity Church of Richardson, the Unity Church of Greater Waco and have been a guest minister at many Unity Churches throughout the United States.

In 2011 I was invited to be a guest minister of the newly formed Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth.  Shortly thereafter I was invited to be their fulltime minister.  I have been involved in church leadership for over sixty years and have never experienced the loving atmosphere like it exists at the Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth.

We welcome all those who believe that the most comforting and fulfilling joys of life come from the acceptance and sharing on GOD’s unconditional LOVE.

Rev. Patricia Moore

Rev. Patricia Moore

The reason I love Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth so intently is that this loving spiritual family is so receptive to whatever teaching about spirituality is presented.   The congregation possesses a level of understanding such that every teacher, guest speaker or minister, feels that what they are sharing is being openly received.

I have always been on a spiritual journey.   My life has been tumultuous, but my 60 plus years of serious spiritual study has progressively provided me the positive guidance I have needed, sought, and found.

In 2005 I was ordained as a Unity Minister through the Federation of Independent Unity Churches.  I have worked along side my husband, Reverend Glenn Moore, for over 30 years in our various church homes. Along the way we have influenced and encouraged one another through our spiritual growth and development.  Harmony of Fort Worth is the first church where I have had the privilege of officially serving as Glenn’s Co-minister.

Glenn and I collaborate on our messages. His are primarily based on imparting a loving, metaphysical understanding of the Bible.  My messages focus on how GOD’s spiritual energy enables life to work in loving, positive, and fulfilling ways for all of us.

Rev. Scott McDowell, Associate Minister

Rev. Scott McDowell has been on a life-long spiritual journey.  Most recently that has led him to earn a Master of Divinity degree from Brite Divinity School graduating in May 2018.  He was ordained as a Minister in February 2018.  Seeing parallels in all spiritual expression Rev. McDowell speaks from texts from a wide range of faith traditions.

Rev. McDowell periodically presents the Harmony Sunday message and assists with ministerial support for Harmony congregants.

Our address is:
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth
824 Pennsylvania Ave.
Fort Worth TX 76104