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Music Program


Music is an integral and significant part of the spirit of Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth.

The music program each week supports the scheduled message and adds tremendously to the positive congregational environment.

We have the extraordinary honor of having Ken Dinkins as our Director of Music.  As you can see form his biography below he has been an accomplished and successful professional musician most of his life.  He brings a freshness and exuberance seldom experienced in most houses of worship.

Ken Dinkins

Ken Dinkins

Director of Music

I derive a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from being the Music Director of Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth.   Music is an integral part of the weekly service and helps set the tone for receiving each of the positive messages.  It is a challenge to keep things interesting and fresh, but we do it by using a creative mixture of highly talented guest artists, and regular band members.  I find my involvement with Harmony Fellowship rewarding and fulfilling.  It allows me to keep up my musical “chops,” as well as keeping my writing and arranging skills sharp.  I greatly love this congregation, and I feel its love and tremendous support in return.

I genuinely love leading our choir. Most choir members are not musicians, and very few read music.  They do, however, give it their all, and always come through in each performance.  Working with them and witnessing their enjoyment and growth is very rewarding.

I grew up surrounded by music.  My mother, grandmother, and aunt were graduates of Oberlin College Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio.  At my mother’s insistence, I began taking piano lessons at the age five and was heavily exposed to classical music.  I was about six when Elvis Presley hit the scene and I had to sneak to listen to rock ‘n’ roll, which I did at every opportunity.

I love music because it’s the ultimate expression of my feelings.  Things I can’t put into words I communicate through notes and instruments.  Music paints mental pictures when I hear it, and the notes and their groupings create certain feelings and induce engulfing emotions.

As a child I learned to play piano, violin, and drums. After hearing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan television show I decided I was going to teach myself to play the guitar, which I did.

At the age of twelve I began playing drums in the school band. In the 9th grade I started playing the guitar in a band I started with six of my friends. I became a professional musician at age 14 when my band started doing paid gigs at various school functions.  I have been playing professionally ever since for over fifty years.

I paid my way through college playing music. I attended college at Morehouse College and Bowling Green State University. At Bowling Green, I started playing with a group called Primary Colors. We had some significant successes including opening for Three Dog Night and the Carpenters before Uncle Sam drafted me into the armed forces.

After Vietnam I returned to college in Bowling Green to finish my education.  Throughout, I continued to earn a living as a professional musician.  One of my groups eventually got a recording contract, but I never quite hit the “big time”.

Along the way I had some wonderful experiences playing in bands and working with, or opening for many great artists such as, Johnny Taylor, Steam, War, Henry Gross, the Osmonds, Rich Little, Hal Linden, the Association, Clint Black, the Temptations, the Coasters, the Drifter, the Beach Boys, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Rain, Isaac Hayes, Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd, Tony Bennett, and Lou Rawls.

Music is a huge part of my life and who I am.  I am grateful for my journey and the path that has lead me to the loving environment at Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth.  We encourage all new members to join our choir to experience our wonderful joy and comradery.

Our address is:
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth
824 Pennsylvania Ave.
Fort Worth TX 76104