November 11, 2017

New Thought for a New World

New Thought

Harmony Fellowship is a Christ-based, new thought, metaphysical church. We believe in the energy of love that is taught by Jesus Christ. We use the teachings of Jesus Christ and other master teachers to enrich our own lives by recognizing the clues that have been provided not only for the ancients but for modern man.

Outlined below are some of our beliefs, and some of the elements that make up the church. While many of the beliefs stem from the bible, its lessons have been interpreted to relate to spiritual and psychological growth and to life experiences.


As people, we genuinely desire peace. We need peace in our homes, in our nations, and in our relationships with each other. We need peace in our innermost thoughts and emotions. As a new thought church, we collectively strive for peace.

All individuals, regardless of language barriers and racial and cultural differences, have similar expectations and fears, the same challenges and aspirations, the same need for love and understanding. We are all similar in such huge numbers of ways—we think in the same terms, love the same God, pray for the same blessings.

As you understand the spirit soul of peace in your own life, it flows from you to others and promotes harmony, understanding, and mutual respect among all. You are living the way of peace as you let the spirit of peace be expressed through you each day.


The simple practice of gratitude can change our lives. Gratitude expands our awareness of God and opens us to receive and appreciate our God.

In our everyday lives, we say “thank you” in advance all the time. Think how many times you have ordered something over the phone. You described the item and even provided your credit card information, trusting that within a given amount of time, the mail carrier would drop off the item at your house. You then thanked the salesperson for his or her service, before you have received any item.

Expressing thanks in advance to God is the same. We’re recognizing a need and giving thanks before actually having it met. As Jesus showed us, in order for our thanks to be effective, we must ask from a state of trust or belief that our requests will be fulfilled.

When we live in a state of gratitude, our focus shifts to the good in our lives, onto what is working.


As an inclusive church, we believe that the nature of God’s great creation is one of diversity. Wonderful and mystical differences are found throughout the universe that makes for a perfect balance in nature. In God’s great garden of humanity, there is a wide assortment of beautiful, amazing and vivid individuals.

Each person offers a unique and individual beauty to the world, and every person deserves to be included in their community. New Thought teachings show that when attuned to his or her heart, each person greatly benefits the world, regardless of race, color, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability or sexual orientation.


Our lives can be transformed through the energy of affirmed prayer, forgiveness, and unconditional love. On the off chance that you have tried everything but still feel at odds with the worlds, chances are that you need to forgive. Forgiveness is the way to well-being, prosperity, love and spiritual development. Practicing forgiveness will aid us in breaking down the barriers that keep us from living

But how might we do it? How do we figure out how to forgive when the world shows us that injustice must be answered, that the individuals who have caused us torment and distress must be punished?

The answer exists within us—in that piece of us which knows it is just through forgiveness that we can discover freedom and wholeness. When we let go and let God in, we free the two of us. As we forgive, so we are forgiven.


We say that God is tolerant when the results of our negative consciousness are less serious than they may be. However, we are saved some level of the consequences of our fear-based belief. We display a similar divine mercy when we offer love and support to other people who are enduring negative consequences, rather than abandoning them to find their own way. Mercy does not make exceptions to the basic law of the universe that have consequences. However, it allows the power of love to gently ease the effects of the law.


How do you define a miracle? Is it something tangible such as winning the lottery, surviving a plane crash, or finding the perfect mate? Or are miracles more metaphysical and spiritual in nature? For example, the law of attraction or the ability to create one’s own life experience?

Keep in mind, wealth is a matter of perspective, and on the off chance that you feel poor, odds are you are not taking enough time to bear witness to the miracle of right here, right now. It is important to focus your thoughts on discovering a couple things you can be thankful for—and then look for more.

New Thought teachings show that miracles happen when we release negative thoughts, emotions, and actions created by the ego. Miracles can work effortlessly and naturally when we live spiritually. As we witness them in our own life we start to extend our capacity to receive and develop faith in the promises of God. This will lift the cloak of fear that is clouding your vision so that you can see life for what it really is: one amazing miracle.