Prayer Request

prayPrayer requests are responded to immediately by one of our ministers and they reply to you when you give your response information.

The requests are held sacred for 30 days in daily prayer. If you express your desire, the prayer will be emailed to our praying congregants with first name only or an initial with your prayer request in a non-identifiable manner so your privacy will be assured.

While we do not give specifics we know that Spirit is always aware of who you are and of your needs. Your prayer request will also be forwarded to Silent Unity for an additional 30 days.

Peace be with you in the loving consciousness in which you are held.

Prayer Chaplains

Harmony Fellowship provides Prayer Chaplains to pray with whomever might be in need. Each of them have had specific training and are knowledgeable about positive prayer. They hold your request in sacred and private consideration. They are available after every service for prayers, hugs, laughter and tears as are our ministers. Your need for prayer is our highest regard and there is always someone to help you in your desire for Divine Assistance.



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