January 26, 2014

The Power of Conscious Intent

Before you can even begin to grasp the awesome power of intent, you must first grapple with the idea of being part of the Divine. Whoa! Wait a minute! This is really hard, especially when you come from a background of stark traditionalism.

OK. First things first. How is it that that we can accept the literal truth of Biblical fragments of condemnation from the Old Testament and turn around and relegate as metaphors such truths as “in the image and likeness of God?” We have been given the description that being part of God consciousness is as though we are drops of water in the ocean that is God. Or, as Eric Butterworth described it, “we are like a crumb in the cupcake of God. The energy that holds together the ‘neutrons and protons and electrons is God. The energy that holds us together is also God. Can you get the hugeness of this?

This awareness of being part of the Divine is where we are coming from when we make choices. Imagine the power we harness when we begin to make choices from the conscious intent of expressing our God nature; of honoring our birthright of true goodness. The wisdom in the creation story of the Bible and other religions note that creation began at the thought level: “And God said let there be…”

When we grasp this understanding, we can never again choose to be a victim or without power. Wholeness and the Implicate Order, author, Physicist David Bohm notes that any particle can communicate instantaneously with any other particle, anywhere in the universe. We can have a fresh start to old interactions, knowing that the “protagonist” is as much a particle of the Divine as are we. With the conscious intent of love, that vibration infiltrates because there is no separation.

We have no choice but to begin taking the baby steps of ‘co-creating’ our lives beginning at the thought level and using the power of conscious intent.

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