July 29, 2015

The Wisdom You Are Already Living

This was the title of the lesson I gave on Sunday.   However the words were coming through so fast my tongue was tripping on my lips.   I really didn’t get to emphasize and explain the points that I wanted.  So this month’s message is a prologue of sorts.   I am capitalizing on this forum to give a little more insight.

We come into this world expressing a personality that chooses a body – vehicle to assist in the learning process.   It encompasses so much mystery that it is thrilling.   The body evolved over eons.  The body is the finest example of engineering, ever, ever, ever.   It is a perfect chariot, even when damaged, to keep us tethered while our spiritual expression learns a human lesson.

The body is like one of the old time radio crystals.  Giving energy and receiving energy.  That is one of the reasons the highest expression we can project is happiness.   It literally changes your world and the world around you.

But this is what too commonly occurs.   We forget that we have dominion over the body, actually we have dominion over everything that is our expression.   (You don’t get to have dominion over anything that is not you.)  Before you know it you lose awareness of your spiritual nobility and turn loose and let the body be in charge.    IT IS A PARTNERSHIP.

Through meditation we learn to listen to the body and we enhance the communication, to and from the body.   The body is your servant.  Part of becoming a Spiritual Force is mastering.    Dominion over your body and your personal space is wisely using source energy.   It is part of your journey to becoming a Sorcerer.

The book that prompted the subject of the wisdom of the body is, “The Book of Secrets.”  Depak Chopra.

Blessings to all –  We love each of you.  Rev. Pat Moore