Harmony Fellowship offers many opportunities to volunteer. We have sign-up sheets in the foyer so you can sign up to contribute by:

Being a Greeter

Arrive 9:45 am and greet people as they arrive for the service. People often come early and sip some coffee and visit with other early arrivers before the service begins at 10:30 am.

Coffee Maker

Making Coffee and set out the beverages. This requires arrival at or before 9 a.m. There are others there to help as well.

Kitchen Helpers

Helping in the Kitchen – especially on Pot Luck Sundays – which are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. We have two ovens to keep hot food hot and a refrigerator to keep cold food cold. We set out the plastic wear, paper plates, etc. and provide all the dishes with spoons, etc. so that when the service ends the food is all ready to serve. We also need help to wash up the dishes, coffee urns, etc. after the Potluck is over.

Flower Providers

Providing Flowers for Sunday services. The cost is $75.00 and checks can be made out to Harmony Fellowship and put in the Offering Basket. The sign-up sheet provides a space to indicate whether you are celebrating a special occasion or person. This will be acknowledged in the Sunday Bulletin.

Pot Luck Sundays are held the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. They begin immediately following the service.

We invite you to bring a dish, and join in this much treasured time of enjoying conversation over a meal of wonderful food with our fellow congregants. It is a very special time for us to really connect with each other.

Read about some of our many Volunteers …


Paul Cunningham

Being a greeter is easily the best responsibility at Harmony! We get the wonderful chance to share our love with everyone and receive that love returned to us many fold!


Doug & Judy Laing

Judy – I love being a greeter as it gives me the opportunity to see the Christ in everyone as they enter Harmony Fellowship. And to bless them and to let them know that they have found a church where everyone is accepted with love and fellowship.
Doug – Being a greeter is intended to be good for those who join us on Sundays, but I also receive from those enter our doors.


Susan Neal

I Love being a Greeter at Harmony Fellowship because I love making people feel welcome. To me when I walk in a place, I love to feel like I belong and I am where I am supposed to be. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable in a new place, that is for the first timers; however, I love seeing our regulars each week, makes me feel like we have created a Wonderful family.

Coffee Set Up
Bill Cummings

I enjoy setting up everything on Sunday morning so that the coffee is ready when Harmony Fellowship community begin to gather. I also enjoys working with the kitchen team to help them set up for the day.

Kitchen Helpers

Leann Clark

I enjoy people with positive attitudes and where better to discuss those attitudes than in the kitchen. I enjoy being in the kitchen I have always loved cooking and volunteering in the kitchen and being around the food to be served makes me happy.

Kitchen Helpers
Lillian Greenslade

Volunteering in Harmony’s kitchen puts me in touch with friends, food and laughter – and that’s the best of all.


Harvey Clark

Harvey likes to volunteer with the offering because he enjoys watching spirit at work and what better way to see it in action than the tithes of our little church with the big belief that we can make a difference.

Coffee Set Up
Tim Hall

I enjoy volunteering to help our family which I consider Harmony Fellowship to be. My Mother and Father always taught us children to lend a hand to family or those in need. When Bill Cummings asked if I could help him in preparing the coffee & beverages, I felt privileged in being asked to do so. Being there early on Sunday’s allows more time to spend with our church family and also to hear the great music prior to service. We are very blessed here at Harmony Fellowship with so many people who volunteer their time and talent. Linda & I are blessed to be part of this family.

Universal Volunteer

Rev Pat Moore

I am not a “scheduled” volunteer, more of a “universal” volunteer; a call me for whatever you need volunteer, a pitch in if you see a need volunteer. It blesses and enhances me to be part of this church family and families survive by love and shared work.