August 28th
10:30 AM

Holy Hologram, Batman

Message by Jim Anderson



Abundant Living In Peace

Gratitude in

Inclusiveness & Integrity


September 7, 6:30 pm Program by the Daughters of Abraham

October 5 – Program TBA

November 2 – a Jazz group performs (includes our drummer Joseph James)

August Happenings

Aug 28 – Jim Anderson – Holy Hologram, Batman

Aug 30 – 7 pm – Choir Rehearsals Resume

September Happenings

Sep 4 – Rev Glenn Moore – A Little Faith Goes a Long Way

Sep 11 – Rev Scott McDowell – The Divine Wisdom of a Simple Mind

Sep 18 – Rev Glenn Moore – Searching for an Answer

Sep 25 – Rev Pat Moore – Dis-Ease and Healing: Understanding the Mechanics of the Universe


Oneness Blessing Circle

Oneness Blessing Circle Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers (Dallas/Fort Worth) . for current information Sacred Chambers once a month, check out times & dates at


We would like to hear from you especially if there are particular speakers that you would suggest for the 5th Sundays (there are 4 of them) in 2016. Also would like your thoughts on programs for the First Wednesday Series. Speakers, music, movies, or ???Let our Program Development Board Representatives, Rebecca Low or Sharon Whitney hear from you.

Musings and Reflections


At what point will we, as human beings, begin to understand that we, by our silence are fostering this climate of hate. Can we not see that this climate of hate is giving permission to madmen?

As Christians we pray for peace and we send light to Dallas and other cities where violence has occurred. It is right action – but it is not enough. It is time to put feet to our thoughts of peace. We think to ourselves what can I do, I am only a small fragment. We are a part of the collective consciousness and even where we are right now, right here we can use our voice to give power. It is time to stop this divisive language of hate, of political blaming and distraction.

You are participating when you stand mute as you hear your relatives or friends of whatever political persuasion speak violently. The Biblical adage is, “A soft answer turneth away wrath.” So, I would invite you to join me in raising the collective consciousness by simply speaking, in love, or writing, “I will no longer be a party to this type of destructive and divisive language. I can no longer be a silent witness to hate. ” It is that simple and within our power to stand together in love. 

Rev. Pat Moore
Rev. Glenn Moore
Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth

Immediate Needs list for SafeHaven is posted on the Bulletin Board in the Lobby.

FLOWERS – The 2016 Flower Sign-up sheets are in the lobby for you to choose those special dates you want to celebrate with flowers.

BOOK STUDY CLASS, Led by CINDA CHENEY meets  every Sunday at 9:30 am.  The book,  A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle describes how transcending the limitations of our ego consciousness is essential to personal happiness, and this transcendence also provides the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world.  He shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness.

The Harmony Children’s classes are on Summer Recess until September. Child Care available.


The Harmony Fellowship’s Children’s Gathering for kids ages 4 through 8, started on September 13 and will continue on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. The Children’s Gathering will be held during the Sunday service on these Potluck Sundays. Targeted for ages 4 through 8 years old, the material is a New Thought program. called the Young Masters Little Wisdom curriculum from Dream A World Education, Each lesson in the curriculum includes a story, songs, a short discussion or round robin activity, and an arts and crafts activity.

All children will start in the Sunday service with their families. At the greeting time, children ages 4 through 8 will be invited to join the Children’s Gathering in the HF library during the remainder of the service. Children will rejoin their families at the end of the offering, just before the blessing. If desired, older family members may accompany a child to the Gathering until the child is comfortable. The Harmony Children’s Gathering will be led by board members Carter Tiernan and Robin Phillips initially and additional teachers will be added to the rotation as they become available.

Please contact Carter Tiernan,, if you have other questions about the Children’s Gathering.


MEN’S GROUP Revised Schedule:

March, no meeting

Wed. April 13, 6:30 pm at Bill Sikma

May no meeting

Wed. June, 8, 6:30 pm at John Jeffries

Contact Doug Laing. 682-224-4140

Book Study Class led by Cinda Cheney, has returned to meeting on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 9:30 am The class is soon finished discussing the current book and will begin discussions on another book soon to be selected. 

Harmony Fellowship of Fort Worth
824 Pennsylvania Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104

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